Chimney Lining

In the event that your chimney is leaking or damaged it is possible that it will have to be relined with a stainless steel liner. Bristol Wood Stoves have expert Hetas registered liners and chimney engineers who’s work is fully guaranteed.

Some high efficiency stoves extract so much heat from the combustion process that the flue gasses produced may be too cold to work within a large brick chimney in these cases it may also be necessary to reline the existing flue. It is also important in these cases to insulate the new liner with fireproof backfill to ensure an adequate updraught and prevent creosote accumulation. At Bristol Wood Stoves we also have specialised leakage testing and camera surveying equipment to assess whether or not the existing flue is suitable for the proposed purpose and in many cases it is and no relining is necessary.

Did you know that it is the responsibility of the home owner to seek planning permission from the local authority before installing a stainless steel liner? However this is NOT the case if using a HETAS registered company who can self certify their own work. This stream-lines the entire process and expedites the project as there is no need to wait for or pay the district surveyor before commencing work.

Bristol Wood Stoves are as you would expect are HETAS registered. After every solid fuel Installation certificates will be issued and Data plate giving details of the flue installed will be fitted within the premises.

At Bristol Wood Stoves, we also offer other chimney related services which include:

  • Repairing chimney stacks
  • Fitting chimney pots
  • Fitting Rotor Cowls to prevent down draughts and increase up draught
  • Chimney Sweeping and Testing to BS6461 and BS5871
  • Fitting Anti Bird/Squirrel guards

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